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Massive 1 By Youth Project Carries Smaller Changes in Its Wake, Too

For years, homeowners in Point of Woods 1, 2 & 3 in Manassas tried, unsuccessfully, to get the U.S. Postal Service to repaint mail boxes in their neighborhoods. Weather-faded, tagged with graffiti and visible from the street, the free-standing boxes that serve as resident mail centers were an invitation to crime. Residents’ requests were basically “returned to sender,” with the U.S. Postal Service citing one delay after another.

This week residents got a big surprise. At least five of the mail centers have been freshly painted – thanks to the intervention of City officials and the pressure of the impending 1 By Youth “makeover” about to unfold in the neighborhood tomorrow morning, May 14.

Mailbox Before
Mailbox Before.

That’s when 700 1 By Youth volunteers from three states are coming into Point of Woods for a “one day, one community, one impact” project: mulching, landscaping, trash and litter pickup, playground rehab and Habitat for Humanity repairs. At the heart, they will be creating a community garden and gazebo gathering place to honor Sgt. John D. Conner III, the only city police officer to die in the line of duty (July 24, 1988). Tonight is the 23rd Annual Candlelight Vigil at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C. National Police Week is May 15-21.

Mailbox After
Mailbox After.

“This project has already been a success,” beamed Ian Lovejoy, a member of the Point of Woods 1 & 2 homeowners association board and a member of the 1 By Youth planning team. “The clean mailboxes alone have improved the appearance of the community 100 percent.”

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