Manassas City Neighborhood Wins Community Appearance Alliance Award

Members of the Georgetown South Community Council, Inc. were recently honored with the presentation of a Community Appearance Alliance Award for their active participation in the City of Manassas-sponsored 1 By Youth Project in April 2010, as well as their follow-up efforts to improve the appearance of their 860-townhome community.

In recognizing the winning entry, members of the Community Appearance Alliance cited Georgetown South for its superior appearance and for fostering ongoing programs to upgrade and improve areas where families live, work and play.

The award was presented at a reception on March 10 at the offices of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC) in Fairfax, Virginia.

Other 2010 award winners included the Hylton Performing Arts Center and improvements at the Dale City Commuter Lot; in 2009, an award was presented for The Old Town Manassas Streetscape.

Community Appearance Alliance Award
Claire Machosky presents the Community Appearance Alliance Award to Christie Strader, Hannah Senft, Candice Savannah and Gloria Carbin ofthe Georgetown South Community Council, Inc.

The Community Appearance Alliance (CAA) of Northern Virginia is a non-profit membership that advocates and promotes the concept of beautifying the community. Members include architects, planners, realtors, real estate developers, and citizen activists. Goals of the alliance include recommending landscape improvement to provide an attractive appearance to homes and buildings and supporting compatible development to enhance community appearance and employment opportunities.

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