Current Occoquan VA Homes for Sale

Are you looking for Occoquan in Prince William County, Virginia. We have a list here of current houses for sale that are in Occoquan in PWC. The list below is for homes in Occoquan, VA in zip code 22125. This list is current as of November 2011. However, for updated listings, and more information, please click the link below the chart. Also, if you'd like to see any of the homes, just use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us. We'll put you in touch with a local realtor who specializes in Occoquan.

ML# Address ListPrice BR FB HB Style
PW7677429 124 Poplar Aly $224,990 3 2 0 Traditional
PW6746380 312 Center Ln $575,000 4 3 1 Contemporary
PW7686623 103 East Colonial Dr $359,000 3 3 1 Colonial
PW7685544 219 Mill St $599,900 3 3 1 Victorian
PW7687203 229 Mill St $638,695 3 3 1 Victorian
PW7685702 221 Mill St $699,000 3 3 1 Victorian
PW7687226 268 Gaslight Landing Ct $733,980 3 3 1 Victorian
PW7687215 262 Gaslight Landing Ct $888,695 3 3 1 Victorian
PW7617504 148 Washington St $359,900 3 2 1 Colonial
PW7650589 113 Poplar Ln $1,850,000 5 4 1 Colonial
PW7612226 109 River Rd $299,999 3 2 1 Colonial

You can get all the details (and pictures) of the houses in the chart above (if still for sale), as well as any new homes recently listed, by going to Occoquan, VA Homes. And you can read more about Occoquan, Virginia.

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