What is going on in Prince William County Schools?

by Lynn
(Bristow, VA)

I have had the worst 2 years of my child's education at Marsteller Middle School and I will say I realize the school is over run but over run is not the only problem.

A few special people from there have terrorized my son repeatedly....TEACHERS and ADMINISTRATION!!!!! I have a feeling there are probably other parents who are having the same problems.

For instance, PWC school are SUPPOSED to be unbiased about the election, however, a specific teacher, name withheld was not just heckling my child but other children about who their parents should vote for, in fact she was alleged to have been dancing around the classroom screaming about who won or lost the election.

That's not just all quite yet, then we have another special education teacher who frankly, if you have to have special requirements to have a sp ed degree, it must be like half the education it takes to be a real teacher because they have no problems humiliating my student in front of the classroom.

Another "sp ed." teacher, humiliates my student by saying loudly in front of the class that my student might be a criminal in so many words. I HEARD THIS WITH MY OWN 2 EARS!!!!! THIS TEACHER VEHEMENTLY DENIES THIS!!! I am so on my way to taking PWC through the judicial system, I am over this, I am looking for an army.

Any one from any school in PWC, if you have had any crazy teachers, rude, obnoxious, unfairly treating your children, please feel free to contact me. I am organizing a legal riot against the school system.

They need to flush these cocky, arrogant underqualified idiots from our....OUT OF OUT POCKETS IS THEIR SALARY PAID...school system.

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Jan 28, 2013
Popularity Contest
by: Former Henderson Mom

We pulled out of PWC 6 yrs ago and went to Stafford. My husband and I both work and we noticed our daughter was not being helped in her reading skills. When speaking to the Reading Specialist I was told that our daughter did not test low enough to qualify for additional help in the classroom even though 2nd grade homework was taking over two hours to complete. It essentially boiled down to either taking her to Sylvan and paying out of pocket or getting her an IEP so the school would help her, what a crock. She is an honor student and thankfully we pulled her out of a poorly run school system.

Feb 13, 2014
Schools do not care about anyone except the "normal" student
by: Anonymous

I gave up too. My son has severe ADHD. All I asked was for the teachers to post the assignments on their web pages. Most of them refused. He was failing high school because he was being graded on his ability to turn in work on time instead of being graded on his ability. I pulled him out half way thru his junior year and put him in American School (home school). The work is harder. The grading scale is harder... But he will graduate on time with a real advanced diploma and I expect his GPA to be 3.5 or higher! Once I get his final report card I am going to mail it to the principal of his high school. It is amazing what can happen when the emphasis is on teaching. Now he did have a few very good teachers who cared, but the county has to hold the rest of them to a higher standard. They should require teachers to use the school web pages! Why do they have the tools if they don't use them?

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