Way to Gov. McDonnell

by Greg L.
(Gainesville, VA )

Hey, big win for Prince William County and all of Northern Virginia when Gov McDonnell decided to allow money we get from the federal government for education to be adjusted based on changes in population growth and school population. It makes sense that it should be this way (so that funding is allocated fairly per child no matter where the child is located). But, Gov Kaine had proposed "freezing" the formula so that growing areas like N. Va. would lose; other areas of the state that are not growing as fast would win.

This is all just my understanding of it.

Anyway, the point of all this is that Gov. McDonnell showed courage in going against the majority of the republican party and backing Northern Va in this. Gotta say, I'm kinda surprised. I'm a democrat actually, but glad to see McDonnell sticking by his campaign pledges so far.

Good news for Prince William County schools; maybe the cuts won't be as bad now in 2011.

Oh, here's the article about it that I found on this page: McDonnell Backs N. Va in Education Funding Fight.

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