Volunteer Organizations Needed to Help Senior Christian Couple - Montlclair VA

by Rev. Andrea Lomboy
(Woodbridge, VA )

A senior Christian couple that both have kidney disease need your organization to assist them with a variety of their needs. They are very independent, but due to the nature of the disease progression, they are requiring some assistance--and, their only son is serving in the military in Madagascar--they have no one else to help them.

They could use help with the following:

- Transportation to and from doctor appointments and dialysis (limited vision).

- HouseKeeping and Grocery shopping

- Alternative Therapies (naturopathic and holistic nutritional therapies) that may aid in reversing the kidney disease

- Prayer is appreciated above all.

Ideas or information is appreciated!

Please contact Rev. Andrea Lomboy (alomboy@faithbasedhealth.com - 703/581-4323 cell)

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