"Snowquester" to Close Prince William County Schools

by Mo Johnson
(Montclair, VA )

OK, this is not official, but I'm a huge weather buff and love the snow. In fact I have a whole other website just about that -- Land of Snow.

So, I wanted to be the first to issue an official prediction regarding school closings:

Schools will be closed in Prince William County on Wednesday March 6 and Thursday March 7 2013!!

Again, that's not official, but I think you can take it to the bank. Given the geographical boundaries that PWC encompasses (wide east - west swath of land) -- I think there's little doubt that some parts of the county will receive over a foot of snow.

The storm "Snowquester" will begin Tuesday evening and last until Thursday morning. The only thing I'm unsure of is whether schools will also be cancelled Friday. That depends on just how bad this storm is. But, it will be a heavy, wet snow and thus probably hard to clear the parking lots on Thursday -- so, I bet schools are also closed on Friday. Also, there have been few snow days taken this yea, so we are due.

The snow will be all melted and gone by next Monday.

So, that's my amateur prediction and official PWCVA.com forecast.

We'll see what happens. If I'm right, remember where you heard it first!!

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