East Coast Harley Davidson is Horrible

by Chris Adams

If you take your Harley to the service department at East Coast Harley Davidson in Dumfries VA, YOU ARE AN IDIOT. DO NOT be like me.

Sadly, I like the new GM, Tom Zepka. I like the sales people, particularly Tommy Hamilton...and I know this may have an impact on sales...but I'm not staying quiet anymore.

I have been lied to...three times.

The end result...I took my bike in for an oil leak...they took the bike apart, it's in pieces, and because I've complained about the service department customer services, they've informed me they no longer want my business and to come get my bike back, take it elsewhere...IN PIECES. I took a functioning bike in for service and I'm getting a bike back in pieces.

My Ultra Classic has been in the service bay for two weeks...and I found out today from the Extended Service Plan personnel that they haven't been contacted since August 5th!! That means there's been no diagnosis on what's wrong with my bike...is it because they don't care about me as a customer...or is it incompetence...or is it laziness...I don't know. At this point, there's a good chance I won't have my bike for another three-four WEEKS.

Thank you East Coast Harley Davidson for ruining my entire 2013 riding season. My Extended Service Plan allows me a rental for ten days at $75 a day. What would be great is the ability to rent a motorcycle from the dealership so I could ride on the weekends at least...but no, they don't care about their customers enough to have a program like that. I guess I'll have to look into a BMW, Goldwing or one of those new Indians that seem to really want to make Harley Davidson look stupid.

In April, it took over a month for them to do a five-day job. And the front man for the service department, John, lied to me for three months on the status of my receipts claim. ESP never received them because JOHN lost them through incompetence. And then lied about it. I had to go back and spend my time to get new receipts...so, I've invoiced them for $137 for my time...maybe the owner will care enough to actually call me and discuss it. But I doubt it.

This dealership has the worst reputation, starting with the owners, Kurt and Elizabeth. I'm a fool for trusting them to take care of me. This is the second time I've been burned...it won't happen again.

Facebook...Twitter...welcome to the social media bashing East Coast, everyone I can reach will know that this dealership should never get service work.

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Aug 23, 2013
Great review of East Coast Harley Davidson
by: Mo Johnson

Thanks Chris for your helpful review of the service department at East Coast Harley Davidson in Dumfries, VA. Hopefully, it'll be helpful to others who might consider using them.

And, maybe, just maybe, the ownership there will take note. I'll post a link to this review on the home page of www.pwcva.com for a while.

I'd also think if you contacted corporate HQ of Harley Davidson -- maybe they'd be helpful too.

Keep us informed and thanks again for taking the time to write a quality and helpful review.

Sep 12, 2013
Worst Service Dept: My Story
by: Anonymous

I made an appointment 10 days out to have a recall for a brake switch done on my 2009 Ultra.
I showed up on the day of my appointment 15 mins, early, when I walked in nobody was around, I waited at least 10 mins. for help. When Tom, the GM arrived he asked for my name and what I was there for, I told him my name and what I was there for. Tom replied, I have to check if we have the part in stock. Of course my reaction was, your kidding right? Tom goes to talk to Chris the parts manager to see if the part is available, Tom returns to tell me, Chris is on the phone, and to give him a few minutes for Chris to get off the phone, I am thinking WTF. I walk into the showroom and see Chris walking to the back of the showroom.

So I inform Tom that Chris is no longer on the
phone, in the meantime, Tom asked Larry to go
look for the brake switch, Larry has been working
there for about 6 weeks and I think he is the
service manager. This guy Larry comes back and
say, we do not have the part. I said what do you mean? I made this appointment 10 days ago. Larry's reponse was, what can I do? Guys pull up here and need to have this recall done, so we ran out of the part. I responded, I have an appointment, which means you hold on to the part for the customer that has an appointment. Larry starts yelling at me, you want me to lie to other
customers and tell them we do not have the part? NO LARRY, I want you to tell them that you are out of stock and service the customer with an appointment.

Tom was standing right there, I would have expected Tom to tell Larry to walk away and he would handle this problem, instead Tom did not say a word to Larry. I tell Tom to go get the owner, Toms replies, I am the GM talk to me, I said, I know who you are, go get the owner. I do not know who this guy Kurt is but, I felt he needed to hear this crap.

Tom disappears for 20 mins. When he gets back
he tells me Kurt is not around.

Although Tom tried to smooth this over with me,
I felt the damage was already done. Needless
to say, I will never go back to this place for
anything ever again.

In the end I am a fool for making an appointment
with these clowns after all the horrible stories
I have heard about East Coast Harley and their
service dept.

I am not sure how corporate works but, they
should take this dealership back. I will make
sure that corporate knows how East Coast handles


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