Dale City Commuter Lot Clean Up

We have an exciting project to improve the appearance of Dale City, scheduled for April 17 & 18, 2010!

The commuter lot at Dale Boulevard and Gemini has a most unattractive planting bed that faces the street. You probably pass it often, and may have noticed the landscaping needs some work.

We have already been in touch with VDOT, and PWC Public Works for permits. We have gotten advice and a landscape plan from the Master Gardeners and Va. Cooperative Extension. We've arranged for a private citizen to assist us with a backhoe to remove the old plants. The utility lines have been marked and Dominion Power cut down an old pine tree that was in our way.

What we need now is some help from you. Our landscape plan requires 36 Double Red Knockout Roses. Additionally, we'll need a selection of perennials, bulbs, grasses, mulch and fertilizer to fill one of the three beds. We will also need an additional 10 volunteers, to help us, and we'll need lunch for those volunteers.

The DCCAlCRB is all about beautification and revitalization in our community. You may have seen us out there on Dale Boulevard working at numerous clean ups or during our huge effort last July, during Neighborhood Pride Week. That effort was so successful, we'll be repeating that event again, before the Independence Day Parade.

connie moser
Submitted by: Connie Moser

You can help us improve the appearance of the commuter lot. Adding visual beauty and an upgraded appearance will add much to the heart of our community. A beautiful landscape acts as a traffic calming device and we are certain this will make a huge impact. Additionally, visitors will be more attracted to the Farmer's Market.

We will be happy to publicize the names of our partners and donors in local papers and on our websites. Time is short for spring planting so let us know what you can do for Dale City. You can donate labor, plants, lunch or cash. All will be welcome!

Connie Moser

President, Dale City Civic Association

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